Kids School clubs!

Getting into schools was always a big part of our plan. Teaching children from a young age the benefits of Mixed Martial Arts. This is the ultimate before/after school club. We bring a mix of drills & games to our school program, teaching children fundamentals of MMA.

Our school clubs are little to non contact with more of a focus on footwork, Pad work, Head movement, Fitness & more.. We use different drills to help the children engage from wrestling drills, Thai Clinch drills, reaction test, speed games & more… 

All coaches are of course trained, experienced, DBS checked, Insured & first aid trained.

Important School club information!

Can you book a taster? – No, unfortunately not due to club spaces being limited & safeguarding. 

Do I need to book my child a space? – Yes, All children need booked on via the entry link below.  On your child’s school booking you will find all details on dates, times & other details relating to your child’s booking. Please make sure to read it all before booking. 

What does my child need to wear to attend? – For MMA school clubs all students are fine to wear standard school approved P.E kit. We provide all equipment needed for training.  

How do I book? – We have made booking super simple, simply scroll to the bottom & click “Ready To book my child? Click here..” then pick your child’s school.